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John Donovan, a co-founder of promotional games company Don Marketing: Photo taken in 2015.

By John Donovan

In 1979, the company I co-founded, *Don Marketing, created and supplied promotional games that were used to promote petrol sales on the forecourts of all major petrol brands in the UK, including Shell.

In June 1981, we moved into a  direct contractual relationship with Shell as a result of a presentation I made at Shell-Mex House in The Strand, the then London HQ of Shell UK Limited.

I put forward a proposal for Shell to launch a legal version of a promotional game called Make Money that Shell had abandoned in the 1960‘s out of concern that it was in breach of UK lottery laws. read more and its sister websites,,,,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article:

CHAPTER 13: What prompted the more recent sinister activity?

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The above logo is for “CAS” – a shadowy Shell Group Corporate Affairs unit populated by spooks led by former high-level MI6 and FBI officers.

James W.D. Hall is Vice President of Corporate Security, located at Royal Dutch Shell plc’s Global Headquarters in the Netherlands. Hall, a mysterious British Citizen, was described in a June 2017 U.S. court document as “the top executive in Shell’s entire Corporate Security Organization…” He is identified by name in a related article “Spectacular falling out of ‘Security Professionals’ at the top of Shell.

I became a target of CAS possibly out concern over my anticipated interest in a set of history books being published about Royal Dutch Shell. They contained information about Shell’s Dutch leadership financial support for Nazi Germany. Also anxiety about my contact with Shell whistleblowers, some of whom leaked confidential Shell emails and documents.

There were a number of issues, which we know from the SAR generated Shell internal emails, was causing significant concern at Shell in 2007 and 2009. They may have been among the factors that triggered sinister activity against us by Shell in that period.


On Sunday 11 March 2007, the author of a Shell internal email marked as “Legally Privileged and Confidential,” sent from the Netherlands, expressed anxiety about my anticipated interest in the pending publication of “A History of Royal Dutch Shell” – a work of four volumes, which included information and evidence of Shell’s connection with Hitler and the Nazi party:


Also D will be scrutinising the new Shell History (out on 5 July) and doubtless making all sorts of new allegations based on it.” read more and its sister websites,,,,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article:

HIGH COURT TRIAL INDEX PAGE: John Alfred Donovan v. Shell UK Ltd

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Copy of archival information

HIGH COURT TRIAL JUNE/JULY 1999 Case No: DD04199 Court 58

John Alfred Donovan v. Shell UK Ltd



(Modified 23 April 2018 when all references to relevant Shell executive changed to “AJL”)

Further modified 21 Oct 2020 with the green text added immediately below and further references to the same Shell executive spotted and changed to AJL)

The judge himself admitted in open court that he had lost control of the trial. The following is an extract from a transcribed comment he made to Shell’s barrister Mr Geoffrey Hoobs QC on Tuesday 29 June 1999:

MR HOBBSYour Lordship said was there any other matter. I do not know whether your Lordship wishes to know about the open correspondence that has passed between the parties.

MR JUSTICE LADDIE: Mr Hobbs, it may come as a surprise to you but I am not running this case. That is very apparent. If you wish to make any submissions to me or bring anything to my attention that is a matter for your choice. I have decided there is no point in me making further enquiries of my own volition.  read more and its sister websites,,,,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article: