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CHAPTER 9: Shell did not just steal our ideas

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Shell’s retained sales promotion agency, Senior King, complained in writing to Shell senior management about the lack of ethics displayed by Shell’s National Promotions Manager AJL in his dealings with them.

I found evidence of how AJL had also misled the previously mentioned John Armstrong-Homes who put up a promotional idea to Shell. His witness statement is self-explanatory. The same applies to a witness statement from a Mr. Mike McMahon.

Witness Statement of John Armstrong-Holmes

Witness Statement of Mike McMahon

I was the only victim of AJL brave (or foolish) enough to sue Shell.

For some unknown reason, Shell UK executives decided to give AJL their full support despite all that had come to light.

That decision changed my life.

After Shell repudiated the compromise settlement I was sufficiently fired up to launch a website focussed on Shell and have personally posted tens of thousands of news articles about Shell onto the Internet.

I thought it was time someone held the company to account.  I have not done anything unlawful. I have excised my right to free speech, using the Internet instead of a soapbox.

I have been able to help many other parties who have a grievance against Shell or have campaigned against the oil giant.

In so doing I have come across all kinds of inappropriate behavior by Shell directly at odds with its pledges of honesty, integrity, transparency etc in Shell’s claimed business principles.

It is fair to say that I have become well aware of the dark side of Royal Dutch Shell.

My father and I owned two houses when AJL came on the scene and as a result of Shell backing a thoroughly dishonest executive, both properties, one in grounds of nearly an acre, had to be sold as a direct consequence of the litigation.

The bouts of sinister machinations by Shell over many years have fired me up to devote a very considerable amount of my time every day, 7 days a week, to focusing attention on what I consider to be an evil company with a horrendous track record.

When I reflect on the overall intrusive and intimidating activity directed at me, sponsored by Shell, it does seem to be way beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior by a giant multinational corporation towards an individual citizen, a long time Shell shareholder.

I publish articles on my website penned by me and authored by Shell insiders and former Shell employees.

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Retired Shell Executive, Paddy Briggs, traces the firm’s reputational demise: “the reputation of Shell has been destroyed by hypocrisy, mendacity and deceit.”: 09.25: Wednesday 27 July 2005 and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.