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CHAPTER 11: Shell insider information

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We receive insider information about Shell from a variety of sources. From disgruntled Shell employees; from Shell itself in response to Subject Access Requests; from information, Shell has sent to us by accident and from searching and retrieving documents from court files.  We have, for example, published a leaked internal email from an incoming Chief Executive Officer of Royal Dutch Shell Plc on the same day he sent it, resulting in another huge embarrassment for Shell.

As indicated above, we receive insider information about Shell from a number of different sources.

The first is from Shell itself.

Shell has supplied Shell internal documents and internal emails directly to me in compliance with a series of SAR applications.

The internal documents revealed that Shell secretly set up a counter-measures team and mounted a global spying operation in a determined, but unsuccessful bid to stop the flow of Shell insider information to me.

Another source is from disgruntled Shell employees who have supplied insider information and Shell internal documents and internal emails.

The leaks have been very damaging to Shell, generating many news articles around the world, including a front story in the Financial Times.

On occasion, we have published internal emails from the most senior executive directors of Royal Dutch Shell Plc on the day they were sent e.g. this email from the then incoming Chief Executive Officer, Mr Peter Voser.

We have also received Shell email sent to us in error. In June 2004, Richard Wiseman accidentally sent us a copy of an email about my father that he had intended to send only to the then Chief Executive Officer of Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Jeroen van der Veer, and the then No. 2 at Shell, Mr Malcolm Brinded. Consequently, we knew that the top executive directors had been kept personally informed about our activities. It was also apparent from the email that Shell “PX” kept a standard response about us ready to use as needed. An item we have never seen despite numerous SAR applications.

I receive information from an American Pacer account that provides me with access to the USA courts electronic filing system. I search Pacer from time to time for litigation relating to Shell and make the documents freely available on my website. I have published many thousands of pages from legal documents, witness statements etc that would otherwise be hidden behind a paywall.

Prominent retired Royal Dutch Shell Group senior staff have contributed highly informative comments/articles published on the website. They include former global executive Paddy Briggs; retired HSE Group Auditor, Bill Campbell, and retired Global Chief Petroleum Engineer, Iain Percival. This input provides an additional source of “insider” expert information.

I have provided examples in this chapters screenshot gallery of articles published by the world’s leading financial news media resulting from Shell insider information leaked to me.

The most recent leak occurred in September 2021: Shell considers mandatory covid vaccination and firing staff who refuse and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.